The Free Market Case AGAINST Paying Student Athletes

Every year, it seems like some big college gets busted finding backdoor ways to pay their student athletes. Whether it’s turning a blind eye to selling a few autographs and directing students to some favorable car loans, or having boosters treat star players to strip joints and fancy dinners. This […]

WikiLeaks, Part 2: How Do They Really Treat Their Sources?

So my last WikiLeaks post was about how what they present to the public doesn’t really represent their agenda. But WikiLeaks doesn’t just make claims about it’s purpose. They make lots of claims about security, protecting sources, and vigorous fact checking. But a WikLeaks staffer who has left the organization […]

WikiLeaks: It Has Nothing to Do With Freedom.

It sounds like a great idea: A place that people can safely publish leaked documents so they can be reviewed by the public and the press. They even cleverly put “wiki” in the title, to imply openness. I mean, it’s like Wikipedia, right? Anyone can leak stuff on there. It’s […]

Steam is the Future of Video Games

Lately, there’s been a lot of talk of GameStop and it’s impact on the video game industry. No video game distributor likes that GameStop relies to heavily on used video game sales for profits. But at the same time, so many people think “GameStop” immediately when it comes to buying […]

Get Real

I love Six Revisions and Smashing Magazine. They have been absolutely amazing guides to absolutely everything I’ve ever needs in web design. Tools, resources, tutorials, tip, tricks, air conditioning, power windows, am/fm radio; they’ve got it all. But there’s a dirty little secret they’ve only hinted about…Web design never occurs in the ideal. It simply […]